Encaustic Art Your House…

As you may have noticed my passion, besides writing, is encaustic art. I will take you on a trip through my art and my heart, the encaustic way.

Feel free to comment! Everything is a one of a kind piece and can be bought. It’s also available for exhibitions.

Let’s start at the beginning. At first I started out with small pieces, size: 3.9 x 5.9 inches.

Sorry all the pictures aren’t always in the right place. I struggled for hours to get them in the right position, but it didn’t always work out the way I wanted. These are just a few examples. I hope you will like them…

Climbing in Chaos


Sold Writers Emotions


Twirl Exto...

Purple Mountain 211012































Let’s go bigger…, 7.9 x 11.8 inches.


Sold Valentijn

Spiritual Passion

The Light

Sold Spiritlady One


One of my favorites hanging in my house… For sale for the highest bidder!

The Wave





















I can create your own personal piece too, especially for you and you only. Just send me an email: ericakanters@gmail.com. For only 50 dollars you can have a real, one of a kind piece of art.

Okay, let’s continue and go and think bigger. They vary in size upto 43.3 x 51.2 inches. Enjoy!

Unite Blurb

Sold piece

The World Today


Heaven and Hell

Het Laatste Oordeel Blurb

Three pieces together…


Begijntje without frame


43.3 x 51.2 inches incl. frame

Sold D&D

 Frida Kahlo TotalGirl on Wood Whole...