Best Moment Award!!!

Today as I started up the engine of my computer I didn’t expect to see another award sended my way, but it did. I’ve been awarded with the Best Moment Award by Moments Matter. I’ve been awarded in a comment written underneath my ‘About me…’ Wow!

Awarding the people who live in the moment

The noble who write and capture the best in life

The bold who reminded us what really mattered

Savoring the experience of quality time


The rules:

  1. Create an acceptance speech either by video or a written speech post
  2. Pass the award onto 15 other bloggers and their posts


I do accept this award of course, but now I have to nominate 15 others and that’s quite difficult since I had to do the same yesterday with the Sunshine Award. Okay, I will try and choose some I didn’t choose yesterday. I want to nominate nearly everyone for an award, but that’s a bit impossible because I haven’t read everyone’s blog. There are so many beautiful people on this planet writing on…

Whoops, I nearly forgot… I have to write an acceptance speech as well… Let me give it a shot.

As written above, this is an award given to people who live in the moment writing about themselves while capturing the best in life.

The things I share on my blog are moments of my life and most of all, my art. My art is a way of living in fantasy and colour. As I tend to dress in black most of the time, this means I actually do allow colour into my life, but not as much in my way of dressing. People seeing my art for the first time are overwhelmed by all the colours I use. They don’t expect me to be the colourful type, but deep down within I really am. I’m a very sensitive person with a lot of fantasy. When I was younger my parents always said to me not to live in a fantasy world since the world isn’t a fantasy, it’s real life. But what is real life if there’s no imagination, no fantasy. It would be a boring place to me. So, back then, I stopped fantasizing for quite some time, just because people told me so. As I grew older I started fantasizing again and life started looking more appaeling to me again. How is it possible to live without fantasy!? It’s such a dull and uninterested life!!!

As I picked up encaustic art years ago, I couldn’t stop the fantasy and my fantasy world grew bigger and bigger. When people look at my paintings they all see something different and I love to hear what they see. Because what you see is what is important to you at the time. It can reveal a lot by only looking at the paintings and that is what I love. Helping people finding themselves, accepting themselves and let them find the child inside. Because we all have a child within us, only we’re supposed to be the adults and don’t act childish. But there is a difference in acting childish and acting childish, if you know what I mean!? By acting childish I mean to look at the world as a child sees it, all pure and unknowing, open for everything, willing to learn. That to me is the child within. Ofcourse that includes the laughter too, the playfulness, all the good of a child…

Well, I think I start to blabber a bit now, but again I would like to thank Moments Matter for giving me ‘The Best Moment Award’.

And now for my nominees in random order. I’m sorry to say I didn’t nominate 15 people as the rules say, because I want some encaustic work done…:

Learus Ohnine

Wambui Bahati

Cranky Caregiver

David Halliday


Michael S. Fedison

Alex Hurst

I hope you like these blogs as much as I do… Now I’m off making some art with my coloures beeswax. Hope to see you all soon back on my blog when I post another piece of mine… šŸ˜‰