My Thougths Today…

I’m having another thought, or should I say thoughts, today… October 22, 2013

Here in the Netherlands we celebrate a special man’s birthday on December 5. His name is Sinterklaas or Sint Nicolaas (translation: Santa Claus or something like that). It’s a man originally from Turkey, but for us now and a long time, he’s from Madrid, Spain. This Sinterklaas comes to our country every year in November on a steamboat with his little black helpers called zwarte Pieten (translation: black Petes). They help Sinterklaas distribute all the gifts to the little children. But during the few weeks prior to December 5 the children put their shoes at the fire place, or somewhere in the house, and write Sinterklaas poems, they sing to him and give his white horse Americo a carrot or something before they go to sleep. Then the next morning they get out of bed to check their shoes and most days they will find candy or a little present in them. On December 5 the children get lots of presents from this saint. All the little children believe this story to be true until they get older and then they’re told there is no such man as Sinterklaas. Well, he did exist years and years ago, but this man who is dressed the same way as this historical saint is not so very old as they’re been told. No, it’s the neighbour, an uncle or some other man. Some children cry, some already thought there was something going on and this whole story could not be true…

Now, here’s the problem… They, as in the government, want to terminate this very old tradition because of the zwarte Pieten. They think it’s discrimination and relates to slavery. But this in fact is not true at all. The zwarte Pieten were little white boys, way back then, who swept the chimneys and turned black during sweeping. These same little boys were also there to help Sinterklaas who is a saint with a big heart giving away things to poor children.

So, actually we’re talking about child labour and not discrimination… This tradition is so very old we can’t just terminate it. Let the tradition be… When I think back at the time I was young I think of this period with a warm feeling and I sometimes even miss believing in this man. I wished I was young again… Not especially for the presents but for all the suspense around this period, the singing and celebrating.

Earlier we had the same problem with some cookies we can buy over here. They also think they were discriminating by name so they’ve changed their names. I don’t know why, but you be the judge…

This one is called (in Dutch) Negerzoen, translation Negro’s Kiss… Okay, negro is not a nice word, but a kiss from a dark person isn’t so bad, is it!? So many people love this cookie. I think it’s a very positive name because these are delicious. Chocolate coated marshmallows is what they are.

I read now they are called ‘Zoenen’, ‘Kisses’.

Here’s another example…

Jodenkoeken‘, translation ‘Jews Cakes’. And why is that bad!? Can’t Jews bake cookies!? These cookies are my favorites, they taste soooo good. The explanation for the name of these cookies is very, very simple… A Jewish baker made this recipe and sold these cookies. So, they were called the way they were called. It’s not discrimination it’s a celebration. I’m so glad this man invented these cookies and everyone can know he was a Jew. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there!? But there are more explanations to this cookie, but I stick to this one if you don’t mind…

Oh, and there’s another one I want to share and then I will shut up.

‘Blanke vla’, translation ‘White pudding/cream’. Normally I don’t eat pudding, but when I do it’s this one. I love it!

People are using this one in the same line as all of the above to make a statement. The statement someone made about this one is:

‘When you say white man to me it makes me angry, because white to me feels like empty and colourless. You insult hits me deep in my soul when you call me white!’

So, in short… It’s what you associate a word with that can hit you deep in your soul or you just think ‘Whatever!’, I know who I am and I’m okay, and let it slide past you…

With these words I don’t want to touch the wrong buttons with anybody, but I just think a person is a person no matter what shape, colour or form… I like people, especially kind ones… 😉 And, I’ve never been kissed by a coloured man, so I don’t know if it’s delicious as the ‘Negerzoenen’.

My thought today… October 20, 2013

My thought today isn’t. I haven’t got a thought today. Today was quite a useless day, I wasn’t able of doing anything but watch the omnibus of ‘Eastenders’. It’s something I love to watch when I’m not capable of doing anything.

But tomorrow a new week will start again and I’m sure I find myself busy in art again.

One thought I had this last week was about my art and what I want to give people in my art. Here comes my thought…

IN MY ART I WANT TO GIVE PEOPLE ANOTHER REALITY. I want to give another vision, another way of watching in fantasy and colour.


Okay, here’s a thought… june 1, 2013

Spring AutumnHow do you call spring when it looks and feels like autumn!?

We have to invent another word for it. A word that doesn’t feel like autumn and has a positive site to it. Anyone!?

Another thought… april 7, 2013

I got reminded about this page I have sharing my thoughts with you, but I keep forgetting to update… Thanks to Paul Dickie visiting this page I got reminded. Thanks Paul!

As you may or may not know I draw a Tarot-card every evening before going off to dreamland. Last night I picked a card as well and it has a seven in it. Look at the date!!! Is it a coincidence or not? My card for today is Cups Seven.

35.Kelken ZevenI made this card in Photoshop and added my art behind it.

What does this card mean to me? I see lots of possibilities that seem to scare me. There’s even an unrevealed possibility. They’re all in a misty cloud. But why do they scare me? I think it’s because I want to do too much and can’t see the forest through the trees anymore. I really have to write things down and plan. When I do plan, I have to stick to it and not change in the middle of it. Maybe you recognize yourself in it too. You want to get busy doing all kinds of things and in the end you don’t even finish any of it. So, I have to focuss on the things I want to do and finish them.

The seven represents a day of reflection. You don’t have to do anything, but reflect on what you’re up doing in you life. See what it is you want to get out of this life.

So, it’s a sunday, it’s the seventh and it’s a day of reflection. Not doing a lot, just looking at what I what to do and make a plan to get me where I want to be in life… It’s going to be difficult but I’m going to make an effort…

My quote of today… march 10, 2013

Here’s something that sprung into my head today. It’s the result of an evening this past week.

Who are your true friends? I don’t know it anymore. Sometimes you think people are your friends only to realize they’re not. They only hurt you and they don’t even know it. People think I’m tough and strong, but really I am a fragile and highly sensitive person with lots of insecurities… Friends should know how you are and how you feel, but most people don’t seem to know this about me. How can I change this? I really don’t know it anymore. So that’s why I try keep saying this following over and over again trying to believe it… Trying to be my true me without pain.


And yet another thought just ran through my head… febr. 21, 2013

You know people say how children can give you energy? I know it can be true, but the downsite of it is when a kid has no energy of its own it starts eating up yours. I believe it’s the same for us grown-ups. When you’re with some one who’s full of energy, you too get some of it. But when you’re around a lazy person who doesn’t want to do anything, they eat up your energy.

We are like rechargeable batteries, aren’t we? When a battery runs down you just recharge it with some new electricity and on it goes… This is what we do! We recharge through other people. So it’s best to be around the charged ones otherwise your battery runs down real quick… Don’t let anyone eat up yours, but feed eachother…

Another thought is running through my mind… febr. 20, 2013

I don’t know if you’ve read my story already about my lost glasses, but I’ve lost them (or should I say ‘it’, for those who’ve read it) and would like to travel back in time. Just so I can find out where I put it. Did I give it away or is it lost? That’s my big question for today.


It started yesterday evening and as a result of this I’ve cleaned up a lot of mess in surch of those glasses. When I went of to sleep yesterday I wanted it to appear in my dreams like some sort of vision. I would wake up the next morning and remember the exact place where it’s at. But, I’m sad to say it didn’t work out that way. No, instead I started cleaning my own mess even more. It was a lot of old rubbish I must admit. Things you hold on to, it’s crazy!

And here’s another thought I had last night… febr. 19, 2013

ThoughtsI was lying in my bed really sleepy, but my thoughts ran through my head. Next to my bed I have pen and paper, so I could have written my thoughts down, but the sleep was winning from my thoughts. The thoughts were really great. Why didn’t I write them down!? It always happens as soon as I hit my pillow… What to do? I really need my sleep too and had to get up early in the morning. I don’t want to waste my day by lying in my bed till midday. And I don’t want to get up real sleepy.

Is there anyone out there who can help me with this. I would like to have a thoughts-recorder in my head. So the next day I can hear my thoughts and write them down. Maybe a new invention??? A thoughts-recorder…

Okay, here’s a thought… febr. 18, 2013

When I was making my encaustic art today, I started to get really dizzy. I had to take a break from my work or otherwise I would hit the floor face down. And I like my face the way it is now. Okay, a little bit younger perhaps… 😉

My thought was that someone was with me in spirit and made me dizzy with its presence. Could this be real or just my imagination??? And why should it make you dizzy? When a spirit is with you, and that’s most of the time I believe, they don’t make you dizzy. You just know or sense it. But why, when I’m making my art, do I get dizzy from time to time?

Does anyone have an answer!?

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