Marilyn Monroe

I came across many great paintings of Marilyn Monroe and decided it was my time to do a “Marilyn” too. Why make this piece you may ask. Well first of all I think… Continue reading


Is ‘dotting’ an actual English word!? Well, this dotting piece I’m about to show, I started with last year and finally know what to do with it. Hope it will turn out the… Continue reading

Totally different

Busy in art ended up becoming something completely different from what you saw yesterday. I guess you never know where it ends… Well, this time it ended in Halloween! But I’m not quite… Continue reading

Busy in Art

I’m busy in another art piece. I guess that really makes me a woman, because I’m also busy with another piece and one in my head… Here’s my latest update of my latest… Continue reading

Interview me

It’s a first and hopefully not a last. I’ve been interviewed for! A week ago I got an email requesting an interview. First reaction was: ‘An interview! With me starring in it!?’… Continue reading


This is the beginning of a new piece. Not sure how to go on with this one, but I will find out in time…

Best words describing my art…

These words are the best words to describe my art! They are written by my dear WP-friend Bill Jones Jr. No one else can use words as he can. Not only to describe… Continue reading

Oscar Wilde

It was very difficult taking a decent picture of this piece I made. My apologies! But one thing is for sure, it’s Oscar Wilde. I also made a postcard with one of my… Continue reading

What do you see?

What do you see in this picture (a part of my latest work; “Say it, do it.”)?

September Girl

“September Girl” is one of my latest pieces on wood. You can also see my promised “Dream, wish, do it” in it. I hope you like it! Please give me some feedback… Click… Continue reading