Photo in encaustics

Some while ago our fellow blogger Ron Scubadiver posted a photo that I wanted to re-do in encaustics. Here you can see the photo I was interested in…          … Continue reading

Sad Girl

Here’s another portrait I made today. It’s called ‘Sad Girl’ as you can see… This portrait is made on wood (19.7 x 23.6 inch.) using colored beeswax, cut out stencil and a heating… Continue reading


I sold two postcards yesterday! What a nice start of this day! New York is two beautiful postcards richer. Postcards I designed with my encaustic art and Photoshop. So, don’t leave behind and… Continue reading


I’ve been awarded with the “Awesome Blog Content”-award by Shaun known from his blog “Praying for one Day“, you might or might not have met him on WordPress but take a look and… Continue reading

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone!!! Here’s a halloween abstract I made some weeks ago and now finished it in Photoshop. Hope you like it!

Tom Waits calls out

Tom Waits calls out to me again. So I had to do another Tom Waits piece just because he’s such a divers and unique person. I captured him again, this time on canvas… Continue reading

Fantasy World

This is my Fantasy World framed. And…. it’s for sale! For € 35,00 it can be yours! Just email me…

My thougths today…

Want to read another thought I was having today… Well, it’s not only a thought I had today as I come to think of it. Read about a famous holiday in the Netherlands.… Continue reading

My thougths today…

Just to keep you posted another thought… My thougths today….

Tom Waits

Tom Waits in encaustics…