James Dean

SOLD!!! James Dean on canvas (23.2 x 23.2 inch.) Advertisements


I have to say ‘Sorry!’ now, because I’m having trouble with my time management. Because of this problem I’m not able to follow all of you daily. I have to make my encaustic… Continue reading


Just doodling on in Photoshop… I hope I will feel a bit better next week so I can go encaustic again. I guess encausting is no verb, but to me it is. 😉… Continue reading


Just doodling in Photoshop (can you say doodle when it comes to Photoshop? Well, I just did, so I guess you can…) I’ve got a cold and don’t know what to do with… Continue reading

Tom Waits small

This was a new challenge for me making a small Tom Waits. What do you think about this one? Please share your thoughts…  

Blog of the Year 2013

I’ve been awarded with the Blog of the Year 2013 award by my dear friend, Shaun. (yes, it’s the same, remember the Sisterhood Award?, guy and still no woman!) Shaun himself has gotten… Continue reading

Sisterhood Award

I’ve been giving the Sisterhood Award by Shaun. Now I can hear you think: “Isn’t Shaun a man’s name?” Yes, it’s a man’s name and he claims to be a man as well… Continue reading

Lou Reed again

Remember me posting ‘Lou Reed’ a few days ago? Well, I’ve made two and I want your opinion in which one you like most. So, here you can vote. Is it the first… Continue reading


I just wanted to share this beautiful song with you from a Dutch singer from the band Kane. The song is called ‘Dreamer’ and is dedicated to his wife who died of cancer… Continue reading

Lou Reed

In memoriam of Lou Reed I’ve made an abstract portrait of him in encaustics. I also found a great song to go with this piece so we can remember him by. It’s like… Continue reading