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Just a bit more inside to encaustics with pictures… Click on ‘About’ below… About.


Revealing is the name of my latest piece. It’s made on wood (19.7 x 23.6 inch.) using stencils, colored beeswax and several heating devices. To give you an impression I will show you… Continue reading

Working on a new piece

Happy New Year to everyone!!! I’m working on a new piece on wood and I wanted to share it with you since I’ve been out of the WP picture for a while celebrating… Continue reading

James Dean in the sky

I’ve been quite busy making this new James Dean (in the Sky) on canvas, size 15.7 x 15.7 inch. And you may guess it already… It’s for sale! For only € 250,- it… Continue reading

Skull Cushion

Well, my chair, as you know is finished… But there was another small project I had to do. I wanted to make a cushion with buttons for that same chair. I’ve made cushion… Continue reading


For those who follow me on Facebook, may alread have seen my Zebra chair finished, finito. But for those who don’t follow me on FB I just want to share this chair with… Continue reading

James Dean for sale!

There must be a positive site to not selling ‘James Dean’ after all… What that positive site is??? Well, first of all someone else can have the opportunity in being the owner of… Continue reading

Chair with zebra

When I’m not busy doing encaustics I’m doing chair. I’ve already changed some chairs at the dining table, but now it’s the real deal (well, for me it is…) This chair belonged to… Continue reading

Johnny Depp

Another celebrity caught in encaustics… Johnny Depp on canvas (23.6 x 31.5 inch.) When interested, please e-mail me: When interested in a Christmas card with Johnny Depp on it, check this… X-mas… Continue reading