For those who follow me on Facebook, may alread have seen my Zebra chair finished, finito. But for those who don’t follow me on FB I just want to share this chair with you. It costed me a lot of words I won’t repeat and pain, but the end result is great, if I may say so myself.

I know I haven’t been on WP a lot these last days (or weeks?), but still I’m here not reading a lot of your stories… Sorry about that, but I shall return one day! For now I’m going to focus back on my encaustics and maybe do another little project, but then again, the holidays are coming… Jingle bells ringing, X-mas songs on my computer and grocery shopping to get everything before the busy time sets in. It’s strange, but I don’t feel like myself these days. Is it because of the holidays, the year ending of that comet ISON??? (Thanks, Shaun! 😉 ) I don’t know, I just keep on living one day at a time. Tomorrow is another day and today is today. Can’t change anything about that.

Sorry, I’m blabbering… Proof I’m not myself. Okay, before I start blabbering again I will show you my chair, my Zebra chair. What do you think of my chair?

StoelChair and X-mas tree