James Dean for sale!

There must be a positive site to not selling ‘James Dean’ after all… What that positive site is??? Well, first of all someone else can have the opportunity in being the owner of an original James Dean in encaustics and I’m selling it under its price too… Maybe I’m in the X-mas spirit due to the songs that are playing now. I’ve turned on X-mas radio on my computer. Love to hear those songs day in day out in December. Frank will loose his mind if he were at home right now hearing only X-mas songs! 😉

But, back to James Dean. There must be a reason why I didn’t sell. Is the universe telling me something I can’t understand like the sign language interpreter at Nelson Mandela’s memorial service was signing when he was having some kind of break down? Does anyone have the answer what it is the universe wants me to know?

So, if you want to be the owner of James Dean in encaustics or you want to give a one of a kind X-mas gift, just e-mail me and we make a nice price together, because I want James Dean to have a good home… (ericakanters@gmail.com).

‘James Dean’ is made on canvas (23.2 x 23.2 inch.) using a handmade cut out stencil, colored beeswax and a heating device (iron).

James Dean on canvas