Chair with zebra

When I’m not busy doing encaustics I’m doing chair. I’ve already changed some chairs at the dining table, but now it’s the real deal (well, for me it is…)

This chair belonged to my dad’s late aunt and my dad’s brother, where this chair went, gave it to me to re-do. I’m guessing he don’t want it back, because I’m making a zebra chair and that’s not his cup of tea… It’s quite some work re-doing this chair, but finally the end seems near. Because of my aching body I have to rest a lot in between. It’s very hard for me to slow myself down, but when the pain is too much I have to. So now I decided, while resting a bit, to write something about this project ‘Chair’ I’m working on. X-mas cards are already made and send of to their next owners, so that’s not an option anymore while resting. Actually, making those X-mas cards wasn’t anything like resting because I had to put the cards into my printer one by one.

What is there more to write about this chair? Not a lot… Then I start showing you some pictures. The only thing is, I didn’t make a ‘before’ picture only ‘during’ pictures… Sorry about that! 😉 I’m going to look up the photos I made and then start showing them to you. Just one moment, please…………. Here they are! And now I’m off to my zebra chair again. Love to hear what you think of my chair. Don’t hesitate to leave a comment… 😉

Chair stripped

This is the chair half stripped and half sanded. I guess I have a ‘half before’ picture anyway… 😉
In the back you see my pride and joy… My leopard fridge! Can you see it!?

Chair Armpiece

A closer look at the sanded armpiece…

Chair Top

The top of the chair half sanded…

Chair Hole

One of the holes in the chair. I’m supposed to put buttons on the chair in the end, but I’m not sure yet… I’ve bought some great buttons though, but I’m afraid everything will let loose when I start putting the buttons in… Time will tell…

Chair Back stripped

The stripped backside of the chair.

Chair Half Zebra

Here you see the chair lying on it’s back while covered (half) in zebra skin (not real skin of course…)