I sold two postcards yesterday! What a nice start of this day! New York is two beautiful postcards richer. Postcards I designed with my encaustic art and Photoshop.

So, don’t leave behind and check out my shop by clicking on the postcard!

Oscar WildekopieIf you want the real deal and want to buy an original, check out my Etsy Shop.

And can’t you get enough of my art, you can always check out my Dutch website (english written, at least most of it…I checked my website the other day to find some Dutch writings on it still, but there are too many to translate and I won’t bother doing so. It’s for the Dutch who can find it or for everyone who would like to translate it…) 😉

Last thing for now I would like to say, I’m open for more ideas and requests. So don’t hesitate, just ask. I won’t bite…