Marilyn Monroe

I came across many great paintings of Marilyn Monroe and decided it was my time to do a “Marilyn” too.

Why make this piece you may ask. Well first of all I think she was a beautiful lady. Not as skinny as the models we see now in ads and glossies. She looked real sensual and had a body, not just bones.

Marilyn also was a shy woman with insecurities like me. Not that I think I’m like her, but we have the same issues going on in our lives. Insecure about the way we look and in need of acceptance.

So, I thought it would be a great idea to put Marilyn in an encaustic piece. I actually made two pieces. Don’t know why, but I did…

The color pink stands for being a woman. The drops in it are the insecurities and pain, but also the outside world judging.

Take a look at these pieces and tell me what you think of them.

The glow you see in the pictures is the encaustic shining. These two pictures are a close-up. The whole pictures can be viewed on Erica Enc.

Marilyn close-upMarilyn Monroe close-up