Interview me

BangersistersIt’s a first and hopefully not a last. I’ve been interviewed for!

A week ago I got an email requesting an interview. First reaction was: ‘An interview! With me starring in it!?’ As I responded I felt butterflies in my tummy… I was honored being asked for an interview. Are people really interested in me, little ole me!?

Then I got all the questions they had to ask me and felt so over the top and far away, I got a little nervous… I sat down again and started answering all the questions they had for me. You know, it’s quite difficult to find the right words when they ask you things. So I had to take some time to get my answers straight.

After finishing the interview I read everything over and changed it a bit here and there so it would be the way I wanted it to be.

I can’t read it again now it’s been published, because I’m a bit nervous again. Maybe in a while I can read it, but for now I leave it to the audience. Maybe I get some response to it. I don’t know. I really don’t. I will just wait and see what it’ll bring me…

So, try to read some Dutch now by clicking on the image below.

One O(n) One with Erica Kanters

Interview Erica Kanters