Upcoming exhibition

Yes, there’s an upcoming exhibition! It’s together with several artists, music and culinary surprises… The theme of this exhibition is ‘Orange’, due to our new king. Everyone has to make something with this theme as did I. This seemed to be quite a struggle for me, but I must say the end result is great. I’m content with my piece of art I made for this event.

Now you must understand I can’t show you the whole piece just now, but I will give you a few snapshots of it, hoping you like those too…

In the midstOrange fight

When you’re interested in coming to this exhibition here’s the flyer (seen on my website) I made to put on my window. It’s in Dutch, but it says as much as I already told you in the beginning and there’s an address on it as well. The place is called ‘Chaam’ and it’s in the south of Holland. So, when you’re in the neighbourhood please come and visit this event and me in person, because I will be there as well.