What’s going on!?

Every day I check my blog just to see I have one follower more. I blink my eyes and the one that started following has gone, or someone else, I really don’t know. Am I too boring to follow or is it I don’t post enough. Sorry when I don’t post too much, but I have work to do as well.

Pirates of the BiesboschToday I’m going to the Biesbosch. I work with this event called Pirates of the Biesbosch. The Biesbosch is a (how do I say this in English???) nature reserve or so. Sorry, the links I put in are in Dutch, but maybe you can translate it? I have to drive a small boat for a couple of hours. No, it’s not drive or is it!? People have to find some keys that are put on place in the Biesbosch. When they find them they eventually can find the treasure that is hidden somewhere (I know where!).

Too bad the weather isn’t as good as it should be. It really looks like it’s going to rain and it’s quite windy too. It’s going to be a cold day and I don’t like to be cold. Especially not in springtime… Work is calling so I have to say goodbye for now. Tonight I’m going out and watch a band where I have been a background singer for a short period of time. It’s a Dutch singing band called Vier bier op Luyken. Check this out…

Have a great weekend and keep on following me, please! Because, I’ll be back!!!