Stupid me…

I did something really stupid today. I only wanted to do right but it turned out wrong.

This morning, as I was in a cleaning mood and this doesn’t occur to me that often, I wanted to clean my computer screen. So I went to get a shammy, because I heard this wouldn’t leave any stripes. Then I started wiping the screen and it didn’t do what it was supposed to. It left me with stripes on the screen which can’t be removed. It’s scratched all over!!! Why didn’t the shammy do what it was supposed to!? It shouldn’t leave any stripes and clean the surface only. Instead it cleaned like sandpaper, very thoroughly, I must say. Luckily I can still post and write, but the pictures I made of my encaustic art look not too great with all the scratches… ;(

Well, anyway I wanted to show you the whole picture of one of my latest pieces I showed you a part of last time. Remember Pink Storm? Here’s the total picture…

Pink AdventureI named it Pink Adventure. Normally I don’t like giving names to my art, but I have to do so to post them on my other site too… Maybe you know a better name for it? If so, don’t hesitate and let me know!

Sorry, this wasn’t a very good post (again! I guess I’m losing the hang of it…) but I’m recovering from this weekend, had a bit too much to drink… 😉 But I had a great time!!! Wednesday I’m going to the gym and start fitness again after many years. So I think by then I will be better in posting than I am now. I’m going to be a healthy artist some day… No, I think I won’t be, but I try to any way… Strange ending to this post, but it’s my ending here. See you next time!!!