Pink Storm

Sorry, I’ve been away for a bit because I was sick. Before I went sick, ill or not feeling well at all (don’t know which is the best word or words for it) I made a very small piece of art and I just wanted to show you a detail of it.

The total piece is only 3.9 x 5.9 inch., but this detail is a story… Look!Pink Storm

Still not feeling too good and I have to work… Pffff, can’t write anything more. Sorry! Lost for words because my head is full of snot (hahahaha, we use the same word in Holland!!! What a coincidence!) I can still laugh a bit though, did you hear me laugh!? Hahahaha!!!

Well, weekend here I come! Oh no, not just yet. First I have to work for a couple of hours… I work from home, so that was the misunderstanding.

This wasn’t a very good post, but I hope you like this detailed encaustic art. And maybe you can read the story in it.

Have a great weekend!!!