Remember me stepping into my art? Well, after I did someone answered me with a poem. I told her I would put her poem into my encaustic art I made after the great experience of the Shamanic Tracking. So I did… It’s called “Precious”.

PreciousThe piece I made I’ve called “Life”. There are so many colours in it framed by black and purple pieces. The black and purple can be the people around you, like your family and friends and all your experiences good and bad. I see it like a frame that holds life. Because without family, friends and experiences we don’t have a life. Life slips away because there is no frame. No one who tells you they love you. No one who helps you or make you laugh. No experiences, no adventures, nothing. And you know, nothing is not much… πŸ˜‰

In the colours you can see the rise and fall over and over again. It’s the learning process. We all fall down sometimes only to pick yourself up again and move forward. Another learning experience.

When you look a bit more closely you can also see little things floating in the sky. That’s your spirit who sets himself free. You learned to be yourself more and more, so your spirit is free to do the things you meant to do in this life. You’ve learned from all the experiences through life and know what’s important to you.

As I write this, while looking at my painting, I start feeling dizzy. I think it’s because I’m in contact with something higher, I’m in contact with my own spirit. So, when I wrote this a little fuzzy, you know why. I hope I made some sense…

If you want to take a look at the painting without poem click here and tell me what you see. Enjoy!