In Flames, the big picture…

As I promised Sean Bidd I would post the whole piece of “In Flames”, so I will in just a moment.

“In Flames” is actually called “Inferno” by me, but feel free to give it any title you see fit. I made this piece (or actually two pieces) for a photographer friend. He needed a background for one of his models. As I thought his model would stand in front of my painting I had to make a big piece. So I did. Not knowing he was going to Photoshop the model into my art, I ordered the biggest pieces of encaustic paper I could and started ironing (encaustic art is done by iron, just so you know when you didn’t…;) ) While firing on the iron, thinking about something gothic to produce (this was my friends request), I took out some coloured beeswax and started what should become gothic and dark. Instead of taking black beeswax I took red and yellow. Next there came the darker colours, black and purple. While ironing away I was in a whole different world and it wasn’t a gothic world seen the outcome… I thought it was beautiful though, but was afraid what my friend would say. Sending him a mail with my art in it, I waited for his response in anxiety. Would he like it enough to use for his model or would I have to make another piece? I wouldn’t have mind making another piece, but I didn’t want to disappoint him or make him ask me for a redo.

Finally, I got a mail back and…. He liked it a lot! He would come over to photograph the piece right away, so he could use it as the background he had in mind for his model. He was filled with joy and so was I. It was only then I found out about him using it in Photoshop instead of a real life background. I must admit I was a bit disappointed, but his joy made everything okay.

Now I’m sure you would like to see the whole piece and the piece with the model in it. Or am I wrong? Well, here they come! Enjoy!!!

By the way, my photographer friend has his own site too. So I think I have to mention this as well… Newborn-Models it’s called.


Two piece encaustic art on paper