Stepping into my art…

I was one of the fortunate ones to get a Shamanic Tracking. Not quite sure what to expect I turned on my laptop and went on Skype while lying on my bed. Where would this journey take me? What will I feel and discover?

Lying down my body felt empty as if my batteries ran down. No energy, no energy at all. My will had gone too, my will to do the things I love. Taking a step forward was too much as was taking a step in any direction. No energy, no will.

The emptiness was centred in my belly colouring it yellow. My Shaman told me to picture a painting of mine which had yellow in it and step into the yellow. Stepping in my own art is quite an experience, I must say. Normally, while making my art, I don’t step into it. No, I step into my own feelings and fantasy world. But, this time I stepped in it (my art, the yellow part).

ItThe feeling it gave me was like walking in a fairytale . It was a happy and free feeling like walking over a meadow in the mountains, all covered with flowers. As I walked a bit further I noticed a cave. This cave seemed to open and close to its liking. Really strange to watch. But as I peeked into it, I saw this beautiful, glittering, purple rock like grotto. It made me curious and I had to get in.

Inside the cave I saw this bright, pure, white light. The light was so bright it faded out the beautiful purple surroundings. As it turned out to be my energy, my soul, my true me. I could ask this crystal light questions I needed answered, it reflected back on me with answers and energy. The energy to pursue my dreams and make them come true. Whenever I need some reflection and a boost of energy I can step into my art and find my cave with the crystal light.

Your Own Personal RainbowAfter stepping out of this cave my belly didn’t feel empty any more and was filled with red. It was time for me to step into another piece of art. “Your Own Personal Rainbow” is its title with a song from Marilyn Manson in the back of my head. As I stepped into the art which popped up in my head, I felt the love, happiness and creativity flow. It was like being a hippie. 😉

Through this special journey I learned it’s okay to fantasize and believe in my dreams. Your own fantasy is your life story. I have to find that piece of my soul, the fantasizing part, I lost during childhood, because of some old man touching me inappropriate and people wanting me to stop to fantasize. Why people wanted me to stop fantasizing was because we live in a hard world, a world where fantasies aren’t allowed. A world where you need to be strong and not dreamy. Really strange, because being able to fantasize makes the world look like a better place.

Life Story - detailAfter this journey I waited a few days before making a painting based on this experience. Here you see a snapshot of it. It’s just a small part, I’m not sure if it’s finished yet. So I will be posting the whole piece another day.

Have a great weekend! And thanks again to Shamanictracking for this beautiful experience. I loved the journey!