“Flames Battle” by Kimberly Sperling

Remember my In Flames art!? Well, I’ve received another poem to it through LinkedIn. This one I had to share with you as well. It’s a poem by Kimberly Sperling (as it says in the title πŸ˜‰ ). But before I show you her poem I also wanted to share her beautiful words about my art, if you don’t mind…

Your art work reminds me so much of the conflict of evil and good. Religion/church and the opposite (hell). It is very powerful work and a lot of emotion comes from it. Life is like this…a battle of good and evil, with both always present, but good in the end is more powerful.

Actually, in the scientific world good energy has twice the power as bad and touches twice the DNA strands. I thought that was an interesting fact.

You should do a powerful only pure good piece of art…only think good, feel good…without conflict and see how it turns out. I’d love to see what it looks like too!


And now for Kimberly’s poem:


The fires of Hell burn unceasingly luminous
Fury, flames of wrath reaching
for a minute particle to graze your limbs
so they may overcome you wholly

You remain liberated, untouched
by this great extermination
You are just, holy, eternally free
infinitely vanquishing the Beast

By: Kimberly Sperling
May 5, 2013

So, if you want to see this piece a little bit bigger, just click on the image below to go to my site and click on it again. Enjoy!

In flames