“Dancing in the flames” by Sean Bidd

This morning after a night of drinking, I decided to turn the computer on while what I really wanted is to go out. The sun is shining and I have to catch some of it’s warm beams… But, I turned on the computer and instead of catching some sunlight I caught this beautiful comment, a poem, written by Sean Bidd to my painting “In Flames”. With his poem he made me liking this painting even more!

So, I want to share this with you. I couldn’t keep it all to myself. That’s not me!

Read and enjoy!!!

Such a beautiful woman, dancing in the flames,

her eastern desires, their trance like states,

deep within the earthen cave, she dances in the flames,

untouched, unharmed,

she whispers her name, to the rhythm in her music,

while dancing in the flames, her beauty, her desire,

to dance long into the night,

all caught within the conversations,

between the tongues, the evenings flames,

do you see her eastern beauty dancing her desires,

her pulsing heart, deep within the flames?

In flames

You can click on this image to my site and then click again to have a closer look, if you like…