Silver Point

This will be a quicky today. This post will be a quicky. Not that you get me the wrong way… 😉 I’ve been too busy doing other stuff I even couldn’t find time enough reading all your blogs… ;( But, tomorrow I will have more time for the catching up on what you all have been writing.

For now I want you to see the final detail of my latest encaustic art. After that I will reveal the whole piece. I hope you will like the big picture too, even if it’s not that big in real life. It sure does look big, doesn’t it. I’ve almost have showed you six details and even to me it starts getting bigger and bigger than I thought and know it was/is.

So, no more delay. Click on the image below (and then once more) to take a closer look and tell me what you see…

I want to thank all of you for watching my details. I mean the details of my encaustic art. But I guess you figured that one out for yourself, didn’t you? 😉

Encaustic Art Preview - Part Six