“Purple Cave”

This is another detail I promissed you to show each day of a piece I made last week. I called this one “Purple Cave”. But, is it a cave or is it something else?

When I look at it I can see the light, but I can also see the pain. On the other hand, I can see love. In this love is an opening. To me this means I’ve been hurt enough in love to leave a hole in it. This hole isn’t repaired yet and maybe it will never be whole again. It doesn’t matter much to me since the love on top will get bigger and bigger and at the end the hole will be out of this picture because of the weight of all this love on top. It pushes the hole away. Do you understand what I mean? Holes can’t be mend they can only be forgotten. They leave a scar, they become a part of you and make you the person you are today. (I have a lot of scars on my body, but I don’t even notice them anymore. They are there and I don’t want them gone because they represent me and my history) This is just one view…

The purple represents the chaos in my head. At one time I see the light, the other time I don’t. Things go right, things go wrong. Things go left, right, up and down. They don’t know which way to go. They want to go somewhere, but where to!? That’s the big question. No, actually it’s not such a big question. I know where, but I don’t know how… 😉

This is my story by looking at this detail. What’s yours?

Click on the image below to have a closer look and let me know what you see…

Encaustic Art Preview - Part Four