Fred the cat… [Living in Holland]

Because I’m relaxing a bit this weekend due to being a little ill, I just wanted to share some photos with you from our cat Fred.

When I’m wearing some house-pants he likes to get onto my lap and suck on the cords. It’s a strange habbit but he is doing this since we got him. He only wants the cords of my pants and not any other. Why? I really don’t know. I guess he sees me as his mother of some kind… 😉

When I’m wearing these trousers he follows me around the house and as soon as I sit, no matter where, he jumps onto my lap and has to have the cords. It’s really sweet, but sometimes my legs hurt too bad and I can’t have him on my lap. I have to get changed into other trousers…

These photos were taking as I’m working on my computer… So sweet!!!

Fred1 Fred2 Fred3