Erica on the move… [Living in Holland]

Way back when I moved from my parents house in Oosterhout to Utrecht. After that first move I couldn’t stop. I’ve moved so many times I can’t even count it anymore… Here are just a few photos… Not too many photos for now, maybe some later…

Room at parents

My last room at my parents… I painted these walls myself, so you know… πŸ˜‰

Room Kanaalstraat

My first room in Utrecht. Look at the state of that wall!!

Eating Turkish Cookie

Me eating a Turkish Cookie… Back in the days…

Room Utrecht

My second room in Utrecht where I only spend a few months. I really didn’t like it there… No access to a phone, couldn’t hear the doorbel, no tv, had to be home for twelve at night, shared bathroom…

Room Utrecht door

My door at that second room…

Room Kanaalstraat second time

Finally I went back to the first room in Utrecht and decided to change the colours…

Room Kanaalstraat second time door

And I had to change my door. Don’t you like the zebra-print I made on it!?