Smallest room in the house… [Living in Holland]

Our smallest room in the house is the most beautiful, but that’s just my opinion. I wanted this small room painted purple (no, not painted black like the song or my clothes…), so Frank had to re-do this tiny room. He had to take all the tiles off the wall and put some new simple ones on it. Since I’m a painter (painter of houses… yes, I went to a school to learn how to paint houses. My intention of this schooling was to learn something about advertising, so they said I could, but never noticed anything about it but painting houses and spraying cars… Too bad), I painted the top half and ceiling in my favorite colour. Then I started decorating, one of my favorite things to do when I had been moving over and over again in the past. But that’s a different story.

I will show you the photos I made back then when the whole room, little room, was finished… Now you may think:’Why should I look at photos of your smallest room!?’ Yes, I hear you think! But it’s worth it, I think…

Oh, I read somewhere on the internet about this phrase ‘The smallest room’, maybe you’re interested in it too? Here you can read it, it’s quite funny…. 😉

And now, finally, the photos…

Kleinste Kamertje1 Kleinste Kamertje2 Kleinste Kamertje3 Kleinste Kamertje4 Kleinste Kamertje5