“Cracked” by Erica Kanters

This is a piece I finished yesterday. I couldn’t place it in a post sooner because I was working on the administration. It had to be done. I also finished working on the book of my mother (she wrote it herself, but I helped her with the lay-out, the editing and I made the cover. It looks great, if I may say so myself)

But, what I was about to show you is my latest piece. It’s made on wood with coloured beeswax and several heating devices. There’s also a print in it, but you can hardly see it on the photo. In real life it’s visible when you look closely… The size of this piece is, (wait I have to measure it… I’m just going to my studio. I’ll be right back… Not that you notice I’m away from my computer, because you just keep on reading and watching of course. But, so you know I went to take the measurements of this piece and change the cm. I use to inches…) 😉

Okay, I’m back to let you know (mmm, sounds like a song!) the size of this piece is:

24 x 24 inch. (61 x 61 cm.) With this piece comes a Certificate of Authenticity (this goes for every piece I make).

Cracked on wood...04042013