Sunshine Award nominee…


Sunshine-award ‘Grandma says…’

Crankycaregiver, known from her great blog ‘Grandma says…’, has been rewarded with the sunshine award! Congratulations to you!!!

Now, as I’m blushing a bit in front of my computer screen, it seems like I’m one of her nominees for this same award! Just litle Dutch me… I can’t believe it, but I read it. She really has nominated me for this award!!!

I want to thank you, crankycaregiver, for this nomination. I’m not quite sure how these things work and what I suppose to do now, but I will try my best…


Mail sorting mondayNow duty is calling me first. I have some mail sorting to do, again… It’s not a lot, but it has to be done. And while I’m sorting there are three sleeping beauties laying on the couch.

Sleeping cats






Thank you crankycaregiver, once again. And let me know what I’m supposed to do. I’m now trying to forward your nomination through this post. Hoping I’m doing it the way I should. (No, I’m not insecure, but I am… 😉 )

If the link on the picture doesn’t work just click here and you can read about the Sunshine award of ‘Grandma says…’