Party again… [Living in Holland]

Last saturday I had a party to go to. Again!? Yes, again. But this time it wasn’t mine, it was a birthday party of a friend of mine. She turned 31 yesterday, but decided to celebrate this joyfull event a day before.

Sumo Breda

Sumo restaurant Breda

We went for dinner with around 13 or 14 people eating sushi in a restaurant in Breda called Sumo. This turned out to be a real bingeing party. We each could order five different things for six times. We had to turf the things we wanted on a form with pictures on it. But the pictures were very small and the letters underneath even smaller. And since my eyes aren’t the eyes of a twenty-year-old anymore, this was quite a challenge. After we all turfed the forms we gave them to the waitresses and waited for sushi to arrive. When finally everything arrived at our tables I couldn’t recognize any of the things I had ordered, so I just ate what I could get. It tasted okay. I wouldn’t say it was real good, but when you’re hungry you will eat almost everything you can get. And because we didn’t know when the next round would arrive and how much we could get, I just started eating and eating. This eating and eating ended in the third round for me and almost everyone. To say the least, it was a lot of sushi. Because the kitchen would close a 22.15 we all thought we wouldn’t have much time to eat, but we already finished at 21.30. Then everyone wanted an icecream and it were some really strange combinations for icecream I might add. Red beans icecream, green tea icecream, black sesameseed icecream… These are just a few examples. I didn’t eat any of those, I just had a coffee with a tiny little bit of chocolate on the side… And when I say ‘tiny’ it really was tiny. You really had to focuss to feel the sensation of chocolate in your mouth.

But, we had a great time at the restaurant and enough to eat.

After the dinner we went out for a drink and decided to go to a bar where you still can smoke, since most of the people attending this party smoked (a lot, including myself). It’s a really bad habbit I can’t seem to get rid off… Whoops!

The first bar wasn’t to my liking, but since I wasn’t the birthday girl I just stayed around long enough to congratulate her at midnight. Then the party really started, because we went out to another bar which I really liked. So we ended up there untill closing hour at 2.00. Then we went back to my friend’s house to have a coffee, a talk and some sleep.


On the left the birthday girl… I’m not in this picture because I’m the one taking it…

The next morning I woke up at 10 hearing I had only slept for four hours because we turned in around 6 am. So sunday was a day to be really lazy and just sleep a little bit more.

Today I can say I’m a little bit more awake than yesterday, but I can’t wait till tomorrow when I will be my true awaken self again. Due to my Fibromyalgia it takes me a few days to be my old self again. But I learned to be more patient so I keep on waiting… 😉