Lazy Thursday? [Living in Holland]

Since I did too much yesterday, I decided to give myself a day off. I decided to go to my mom and have a coffee with her. Not knowing she would keep me busy I got into my car this morning. As I walked up to my little red Starlet, my cat Freddy (or Fred as we call him most of the time) jumped onto the hood. This was a photo opportunity! I took my phone and these are some of the results… No, he didn’t drive with me on the car. As soon as I started the engine he fled away a little bit annoyed…Fred on car

Fred on car looking

On the bumper of my car looking at me as if I was the crazy one…

As I was taken some photos of Fred and wanted to put my phone away to start driving to my mom’s house, I looked over to the left and saw another cat of ours, Sjonnie, laying on the carport. He was on the look-out I guess, just hanging, nice and easy with no worries in the world…Sjonnie looking

Sometimes I wish I was a cat, just hang around and sleep all day long! Wouldn’t that be nice!?

Barrels of mail...Now I have to sort the mail. The mail has been delivered to my home just now, six barrels! And six barrels are a lot I can assure you! So I have to get busy with the mail, the old-fashion mail I love to get for myself like letters and postcards from all over the world… šŸ˜‰ Except, the mail I have to sort is a bit like junkmail. Sorry Sandd (the mail departement I work for), I didn’t mean to offend you, but most of it really is trash… Anyway, I get paid for sorting and delivering it.

So to finish this short post; it’s not the lazy thursday I thought it would be… Too bad, but I think I will survive!!!