Sneak Preview… [Part one]


Today I’m working on a big piece. I’m making this on wood, starting with drawing in chalk… No worries, later on in this progress I will start my encaustic work as well on this piece. But, first things first. Can’t wait for the result. But first I have to take this break I’m on right now. It’s not easy for me making art with this awfull Fibromyalgia, but in the end it will be worth it. I’m sure! Art keeps me going eventhought it can be painful from time to time. And when the end is there (of my piece I mean, not my life!!!) I will be jumping for joy and forget about the pain I’ve been through. I’m going to beat this nasty illness called Fibromyalgia.

So, now for something completely different and a first, I will show you some pictures of my work in progress. The size of the board is 48.4 x 48.4 inch. (123 x 123 cm.). I thought to go bigger this time and see what it’s like. Well, besides of getting the board up to my little studio, which was quite a challenge, working on it is as well…

Now I have to shut up and show you the progress as I’m now going back to my board.