No spring in the air just yet… [Living in Holland]

As I looked out of the window this morning I couldn’t believe my eyes! Tomorrow spring should begin, but it looks like winter hasn’t given up to spring just now…

The cats are sleeping as if nothing happens.Winter cats

Winter EricaBut I had to go outside to the post-office, because I had to send a gift to an english friend of ours. We were already late for his birthday, because we had to wait for his present to arrive through mail (yeah, the old-fashion mail, but ordered the new-fashion way on the internet)






After being at the post-office I turned back home.

Winter Post office








Here you can see the crossroads in the middle of our little village called Wagenberg (free translation: Carmountain). You can see our church as well. I only visit the church when some one died or gets married, but in two weeks I will be there because a friend is singing in ‘The Passion’ on March 29th. He plays the role of Jesus and is a great singer.Winter crossroad church







As I turn right on the crossroads, this is what you see…Winter way home











Now I’m very near to my house…

Winter my street and car












This is my house I live in with my husband and his two daughters.Winter home











Behind this green wall we sculpted ourselves is our garden.Winter bush








Look, we even put out the furniture as spring should be arriving soon…Winter garden








Our garden shed…

Winter gardenshet








Here’s our old little apple-tree..

Winter apple tree












And after being out in winter wonderland I treated myself to a nice Italian made cup of coffee…Winter coffee










Now I’m going to do what I wanted to do in the first place. Back to my little studio working on my encaustic art the Erica way…Studio But first I have to get my body temperature up again, because I’m freezing. I forgot to turn the heating on. My hands are so very cold I’m having trouble typing this…