Waiting in suspence… [Living in Holland]

Yesterday I posted about the old-fashion mail and my longing for it. Call it old-fashion, as do I, but it’s just something I like. Please don’t hate me for it. 😉

A few days ago I went up to the attic, no it’s not an old-fashioned attic as you might think, it’s my bedroom. As I was saying, I went up to the attic to go through my old stuff like agenda’s, cards, letters and so on. I saw two real nice cards I had gotten for my birthday when I was a little (and young) girl. These cards bring me back to the old days because they were already old cards as I got them as a little kid. I can’t remember how old (or should I say ‘young’) I was, but with the first card I would say I would have been at a diaper-age, I guess… The second one was a card I hand picked at school. When it was your birthday this one teacher let you pick out a card as a little present. I guess I must have been around 8 or 9 years old by looking at my handwriting on the other side of the card. Why I picked this card I can’t say for sure, but I think even then I had a soft spot for old-fashioned cards… Can it be I have an old soul???


















Nowadays I don’t get many, or should I say any, birthday cards anymore. It’s all done through social media where they congratulate you. And don’t get me wrong, I like it when they remember my birthday and congratulate me. It means they’re thinking of me once in a while. Or is it just to show off to friends? I’m not sure and I don’t even want to think about it. But, where are the birthday cards I was always waiting for in suspence!? ‘Who is the first to get me a card?’, used to be the ultimate question in my head back then. Usually it were my parents, but even they don’t bother sending me a card. Instead they bring it with them when they come to visit.

Now you might think my birthday is nearing. No, no, I’m not getting a year older just now. I have to be patient for another 8 months… Lucky me! By then I turn on my computer (as I do nearly every day) and try to get the same feeling as I used to have with the old-fashion birthday cards. But I must say it’s a different feeling. I’m not quite used to that feeling, but I’m trying my best to get the feeling back. The feeling of waiting in suspence…