The day after the day after the day… [Living in Holland]

Monday again! Today is the second day after the party. Yesterday I was out and by out I mean I had pain and decided to do nothing. The pain is a combination of me standing on my feet all evening and most of the night and my Fibromyalgia (it’s a nasty and treacharous illness because people don’t see anything of the pain you’re having. You look healthy, but on the inside the pain keeps growing and starts making his way into your muscels to a point where it gets too much and you have to fight your tears, putting on a smiley mask)

The day after I got up after sleeping only for four hours, made myself some breakfast and started tidying things up a bit. So much for doing nothing! This was the only thing I did that day. The rest of the day was really lazy, just sleeping a bit and watch some movies. And because I cleaned up after the party right away, as I always do, I didn’t have much tyding up to do.

The party was a real blast. Even the tapas I had made were a hit. And I don’t even like to cook! The compliments I got for my tapas don’t change a thing in me liking to cook, but it did make me grow an inch or two.Β  It means I can cook even though I don’t like doing it.

My brother, his girlfriend and two of their children came early because they couldn’t find a babysitter for the evening. I hadn’t seen them all for quite some time, so it was real great seeing them. Jan and IEspecially the new born, Jan.

With only four months of age he’s a very sweet boy and very active. The day of his birth he already was very active and couldn’t help himself moving all the time.

Now is the day after the day after the party, a monday, and I decided the first thing I should do, after having my breakfast is to write. When I start my day writing I really can start my day. Maybe it’s a bit strange, but when I don’t start writing I don’t think my day starts. Do I make any sense??? Maybe I don’t make any sense because of my Tarot for today… Swords X Swords ten. Doesn’t look all that well, does it?

My personal outlook on this card is the end of an era the start of a new beginning. I tend to look at my cards in a positive way even though they look a bit negative. But this actually means the start of a new beginning. The day of the party was the start of the ending of an era. An era of wanting to belong to people who don’t want to be with me. I decided just to be me, nothing more nothing less. People have to accept me for who I am and I accept them for who they are. People tend to see me as weird and carefree. They don’t see the sensitive person I am. I wish more people would see me for who I am and not for what they think I am or how I should be. Every person is a unique person.

So, today I start my new beginning. Hope it will be the start of something great! Something weird and sensitive, because that’s who I am…