Ready to party!!! [Living in Holland]

Here’s a quick update of my day on this very cold and windy friday in Holland…

As every friday I had to deliver the mail in this village I live in called Wagenberg (free translation: carmountain). Because I wanted this job done as quickly as I could I even forgot to put on my gloves. Brrrr, it was freezing cold and my hands and nose noticed it too. So I had to go back home, but since I started in my own street this wasn’t a big deal at all. After I finished making people happy with their mail, I had an early lunch. After this I went suntanning (at home) because I thought I looked a little bit too pale. I only need to do this once or twice and I look healthy again. No, it’s not like I’m suntanning every day in this artificial light. No, not me! I don’t want to waste my time lying around… And because you smell like roasted beef after suntanning, I took a shower. Now I smell good, thanks to the perfume Coco Chanel… Really love that perfume! I don’t want any other perfume, only Coco. Not even do I want Coco mademoiselle. No I stick to the lovely scent of Coco!!! I think I’m addicted to it. Please don’t hate me because of this. It’s just a innocent addiction. Okay, it can be expensive but you don’t need much of it to smell great.

Now you may think it was time for me to relax and just go writing or encaustic arting? No, far from it. I had to print out something and my printer refused printing as it was supposed to. He didn’t do anything. Nothing, nada, rien, niente, niets… So I had to fix this problem. It took me most of the afternoon fixing it. With some cursing (sorry!) I finally could wake up the printer and he did what he was build for. Victory!!! I solved this problem on my own. I’m very proud of myself (if you don’t mind me saying so…)

Since it is a friday we always end our day with a beer and some little bites to eat. Something like tapas, if you like to give it a name. We finished the bites with coffee and a chocolat on the side. Then I had to put up the lights in our conservatory/ build (sorry, I don’t know how to say this, but it’s a part of our house that’s build as an attachement to it…). Tomorrow we have a party here because my Frank had his birthday last monday and we’re going to celebrate this with some of our friends. Because I don’t like bright lights I decided to put some christmas lights to the ceiling. (When I lived in Italy I noticed Italians like bright lights. Especially when they’re eating. Yes, Italian like to eat and I can’t blame them because Italian food is really great. As do the Spanish, they too like to eat and their food is great as well. Why am I Dutch!?)Ready to Party...

We’re ready to party! And so is Fred our cat you see in the picture… You can also see my little office (do you see the screen of my computer?)  I know this isn’t a very good photo, I made it with my phone. Sorry!