“Seeing us” the art of life is the job of the photographer.

Here’s a great review of my blog. This is a good way to start my day! I even blushed a bit too. Thanks a lot for writing this about my blog, My Blog About Your Blog! Now I can really start my day and the sun is even shining too!

“Seeing us” the art of life is the job of the photographer..

I just have a note or two about this piece. The first is about the grocerie shopping. In Holland we do have those supermarkets where you can scan your groceries yourself and put them right into your bag. The only thing about this is, it’s more expensive to do all of my groceries in that store. And yes, I’m Dutch so I watch my money carefully not slipping to quick out of my purse. 😉 It’s what they say about Dutch; they are cheap. Isn’t it? But you know what the case is? A lot of nationalities are cheap as well and I know this from experience, but I won’t bother you with this. I don’t want to call people cheap, because I don’t know how much money they have. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind other people calling us Dutch cheap. It’s just something that’s been hanging in the air for centuries, it’s a prejudice that can be changed once they get to know you…

My second note is that in fact I’m an encaustic artist and not a photographer, but I really, really do like the compliment! It really made me blush. The orange photo is a photo taken of a piece of my art. I’m really thankfull you like my photos because it’s very important to me to capture my work for the rest of the world and share it on the internet. And maybe someone someday would like to see my encaustic work in real life and offers me an exhibition somewhere in the world. I would love the travelling!