My monday Tarot…

This morning I woke up feeling even more tired than I went in. I didn’t sleep very much as usuall. Every night when I turn in I try to relax and think of nothing, just concentrate on my breath. It’s not so easy to concentrate on my breath because thoughts run through my head and even stories appear. But because I’m too tired and don’t want to pick up my phone I forget those stories. In my mind these were wonderful stories, but when I can’t even remember them I think they may just as well been only so so. I don’t even mind not remembering them that much, but not finding the way to dreamland is what’s worrying me. As a result of not sleeping my head now is pounding and the world spins around my sleepy head.

Even when I look at my Tarot card for today I see myself on a hold, not knowing what to do. I’m tied up in my own thoughts letting my feelings run under my feet. My feelings are flowing from one side to another and I’m not able to get in touch with them. So, for today there’s nothing more for me to do than live it the best I see fit. Oh no, I can’t even see because of the blindfold over my eyes!!! 😉 And I have so much to do today!!!

Swords VIIIToday is my husband’s birthday and I have to do some grocery shopping, go to the hairdresser (it’s been almost half a year since I went to have my hair done, so it’s really necessary!), I have to sort the mail to deliver it tomorrow in this village and I’m planning on making ‘appelflappen'(I don’t know the English word for it, but it’s made out of apple, raisins, sugar, cinnamon and puff pastry). This evening Frank’s (my husband) parents and mine are coming to celebrate his birthday with us and his kids. I hope I can stay awake!

Sorry if I didn’t make any sense with this post. Please forgive me and my sleepy head! 😉