Vincent van Gogh and I…

knotwilgen-Vincent van Gogh Man with a golden heart





Notice the resemblance?

On the left you see a painting of Vincent van Gogh. I think nearly everyone has heard of this Dutch painter. On the right you see a painting I made in encaustic art.

When I finished this painting I made a photo of it. The next thing I do after taking photos of my paintings is to go on the computer to see them on the screen. Then I started noticing something. I went on the world wide web and looked up paintings of Vincent van Gogh. Was it just an illussion or not? I found Vincent van Gogh painting called ‘Knotwilgen'(Pollard Willows; yes, I had to look it up because it’s not a word I use every day. No, not even in Holland).

I had to write about it, so I did back then. I was euphoric. My painting resembladed a painting of one of world’s greatest painters! This is a good thing, I thought. Now the world may notice me as well. Next thing you know I will be famous. Famous before I die. I prefer that to after my death so I can enjoy it myself not only my relatives. I sold this painting, you know. I sold it when I had an exhibition last year. Happy happy joy joy!!!

Now, I have to keep on encaustic arting (it’s not a word, is it?). Anyway, I keep up the work hoping some day someone will notice me and my dream will come true. My dream of bringing my work all over the world. Bringing back the fantasy in the world, bringing it back in colour, in encaustic colour. Because…


Detail of my painting…