Want to know Holland? [Living in Holland]

Since I live in Holland and a lot people, most of the world, not, I was wondering what people might want to know about Holland. Do they even want to know anything about Holland?

Pulp fictionHolland is a very small country, but not the smallest. Everyone, I think, knows Amsterdam. It’s even mentioned in Pulp Fiction, a movie I love. I love how they talk about how we Dutch eat our french fries with mayonnaise. We truly love mayonnaise. My favorite mayonnaise is ‘Zaanse mayonnaise’. Why do we like mayonnaise and f*ing drown them in it (pardon my French!)? Because it’s so greasy and soft. Okay, now I have to confess I’m talking about me and not every Dutch man or woman. Because a lot of Dutch also like ketchup and sate sauce on their fries too. I personally like to have my mayonnaise and ketchup.

Well, this is one thing you already know now about us Dutch people. Is there anything more you would like to know? How we get up in the morning, what we eat for lunch, what we like doing in our spare time? How we marry? How we raise our kids? Anything, anything???

I would love to share some Dutch things with you.

For example… This was my lunch this afternoon.Lunch I know it’s not much, but it tasted great! Two rice crackers, the ordinary ones, with avocado on them. And ‘karnemelk’ to drink. Now I have to look up this word, because I don’t know the English word for it. Just one moment please… Okay, I think I found it, it’s buttermilk.

No, not all Dutch like drinking buttermilk, but I really love it. It’s better than milk. I don’t like milk. I don’t even like hot chocolate milk, I prefer the cold one.