Compliments-day… [Living in Holland]

Today in Holland it’s national compliments-day. This day is initiated by Hans Poortvliet, because everyone needs a compliment once in a while. A compliment can make your day and it’s free.

People quit their jobs because of the lack of appreciation. People feel down when no one notices them. But when you do compliment someone you have to mean it too, otherwise the compliment you give is nothing more than thin air with a spoken word hanging around in it. You can feel if the compliment given is true or not. You can tell by looking into the eyes. Eyes reveal a lot, you know. By looking someone in the eyes, when talking to them, you show appreciation and attention. When you don’t look people in the eyes, it can mean you’re insecure about yourself or the situation you’re in. Maybe you don’t want people to look you in the eyes, because they would then notice you’re insecure which means they can possible hurt you and that’s exactly what you don’t want them to do. Or maybe you don’t look people into the eyes, because then they will see you don’t mean what you’re saying.

So, look people into the eyes and mean what you say. When you say the things you really mean you needn’t be insecure, because you’re telling the truth.

You are perfect...