The Dutch way? [Living in Holland]

I really don’t know it’s a typical Dutch way, but we carpool.

Yesterday I wrote about my little dinkytoy, my little red car. It’s the same car in which I carpooled just yesterday evening.

Every other week I go to a photoclub where I hope to learn more about photography. A friend of mine introduced me to this club, this gathering of amateur photographers. So we had to go to this meeting and it was my turn to drive. It was little ole me driving with two male adults squeezed into my Starlet. They didn’t complain or laugh, they just seemed glad not having to drive. When we arrived at our destination we all were very jolly and outgoing. Was it because of my lovely, little red car that gave them the joyful jitters? Or was it just a good, happy day for all of us? Did we all have the same happy feelings? When we entered other people too started saying funny stuff and laugh with us.

I like to believe it was because of my little red joy on wheels. He or she, I don’t know if it’s male of female, brings happiness all around.

It’s not always common to carpool, you know. A lot of people just want to drive by themselves so they don’t have to consider others. If they want to go they just do. When you’re carpooling you sometimes have to wait for someone before finally getting on your way. It’s very difficult for some people to think about others, they only like to consider their own feelings, their own ways, their own time.

When I do carpool I prefer to drive myself, but I’ve changed over the years. Now it’s possible for me to say: ‘Okay, you drive.’ But, when I’m going somewhere with my husband Frank, it’s me who drives. My driving skills are better than his and he knows it. I’ve been a capdriver for five years and I really enjoy driving. It’s just something I always liked doing. It’s not one of Frank’s passions to drive, certainly not in mine. He prefers his own Mercedes Vito and I can’t blame him. It drives a lot better and makes less noise. You can even hear the radio playing on a normal volume.

Drivinglicense frontIn Holland, in my time, you could get your drivinglicense when you’d reached the age of 18. Now you can start earlier. Things change when you get older. But I started my passion at the age of 15. With a lot of fasination I used to look at my father driving. What would it feel like controling such piece of machinery, speeding, braking and turning? My father learned me how to drive a car in the countryside where there wasn’t much traffic. We switched seats as soon as we arrived there and I drove nearly for an hour or so, every sunday. Learning how to drive was a obsession to me. Every sunday I started begging my farther to take me out driving over and over again.

As I reached the right age of 18, I already knew how to drive, so it didn’t take me long to get the lovely pink piece of paper. Yes, our drivinglicense used to be a pink piece of paper and I still own one. DrivinglicenseWhen I have to get a new one in august of 2014, it will be just like some kind of creditcard. I’m oldfashioned and prefer the pink paper… But that’s just little ole me!


Now here’s my question: ‘Is it done or not done to carpool in all your country?’ I’m curious to know… Curiousity is my second nature. Curiousity killed the cat but not me! Curiousity...