Size doesn’t matter…[Living in Holland]

What a strange heading, don’t you think? But maybe I can explain myself a bit more…

You know people always say ‘Size doesn’t matter’? It’s true!!!

Oktober 2012 001Today I was driving in my small, red Toyota Starlet in my very small village. You can only drive 30 km/h on our road through the middle of this tedious village, but my car goes faster and when I can I will. So I was driving a bit too fast as I came to a road narrowing. The road narrowing was not on my side so other cars would have to stop to let me pass first. The first car approaching was nearly past the narrowing, so he was first. That’s fine with me. But behind this first car there were three other cars who thought, when they saw my little, red Starlet approaching, they could go first too. No, no, no!!! I’m first! My road isn’t narrowing, it’s yours! As I was already on the narrowing I pulled my stearingwheel to the approaching car so he (or she) would have to move over to give me my road back. All three cars stepped on their brakes to let me pass. Smiling while passing the three bigger cars I made a left turn to go home. Driving home with a big smile on my face in my small car, after doing my weekly grocery shoppings, is a fortuitous coincidence.

So, like I said before… Size doesn’t matter. It’s how you use it!