Living in Holland… [part two]

Just took a shower after delivering the mail in this village. In an hour and a half I already finished my work for today. Now I’m sitting behind my pc waiting for my hair to dry. As I’m not such a patient girl I will go to get my blowdryer, because my head is getting cold. It’s still winter here, you know. Sunday it was snowing, yesterday it rained and I think it’s going to rain today too. Let’s hope the rain only starts after I did my grocery shopping. This is my task after blowdrying.

I started myself into some kind of routine.

Monday; sort the mail.

Tuesday; deliver the mail, take a shower and go grocery shopping.

Thursday; sort the mail.

Friday; deliver the mail, take a shower and start the weekend with a beer and some small foods like tapas or so. It’s a great way to start the weekend.


My mum. It’s not a really great photo. Sorry mum!

Maybe you’ve noticed wednesday is missing in my routine, but that’s a day I decide wether I do something or nothing. My time mostly is spend on my pc or with my encaustic art, but it’s for me to decide. On thursdays I sometimes go to my mother and have a coffee and a chat.

All my spare time I spend on my pc, writing, reading, do the administration and sort out all off my mess I’ve put on it. In the meanwhile I would love to start writing my book, but I don’t know where to begin and what I should write about. Some people have told me I should write about my life because of what I’ve been through. But, here comes my insecurity peeking around the corner of my head, is someone interested in my life? Maybe when I didn’t write like it’s my life, but someone elses, maybe then people would be interested? I don’t know. Most of the times my insecurity wins and I give up for that day…

I started out to write my book several times. I can’t even find all the beginnings I’ve made in the last few years. Maybe I should make an effort of finding them. And maybe then I can start writing, writing and writing.

Or, should I set myself a goal. For example; in one or two years I must have written a book. Maybe I’m too curious about other people’s lives and spend too much time reading about theirs?

Is there someone out there who can give me a golden tip in starting and keeping on the right track???