Monday, do I make any sense?

Do I make senseMy day started with a religious talk.

Yesterday I posted about my sunday and in answer to this I got a reaction which I replied to. When I started typing away I couldn’t stop. I started to talk about religions and my believe. I don’t know if I made any sense, but writing down your feelings is so very difficult because they are feelings and feelings don’t use words.

As I kept on trying to express my feelings, more feelings came. It’s because I got into my feelings, I really felt a lot of things I wanted to put into words. Because it’s so very difficult you try it different ways. I’ve tried it from left, right, front and backwards…

If I didn’t make any sense, I’m really sorry for that… But maybe there’s someone out there who understands. It’s also a bit more difficult for me when I can’t find the words to express my feelings, because I also have to translate them from Dutch to English.

My believe is that there’s a greater force out there filled with love. It’s the same love that’s in all of us. That means we all are God, Allah, JHWH and so on. Everyone is connected with everyone in some sort, shape or form, because we are all love. I don’t believe in the word ‘devil’, because we all have to learn from our mistakes and appreciate everything we do have more than what we don’t have. This is a short version of my believe.

Did I make any sense???