Only time will tell…

Only time will tell...Okay, let me explain…

As you may know by now, I’m a dutch woman. And you may also know Dutch people speak english pretty well. So do I. But here’s the thing… I can speak english, I can understand english, but writing it down the way it’s in my head is very difficult.

I watch english spoken movies all the time. So I’ve learned a lot by watching movies. Here in the Netherlands we hear the real voices of the actors. It’s not like in Germany, Italy or Spain where they use voice-overs. You hear the same voice for, for example and I don’t know if it’s really true the way I say, Dustin Hofman and Eddie Murphy. How strange would that be to hear a white man’s voice for an afro-American!? When I lived at Mallorca I was thinking about going to the movies one day, but I didn’t. I heard they use voice-overs. So everything would be spanish spoken and since I didn’t know the language then, I didn’t go. I also won a video once, you could win prizes in a pub every time you ordered a beer and I won the video of ‘Speed’. When I got back home and looked at the tape, I realized it was spanish spoken. What a bummer… (do you write it like that???)

No, here we have the real voices with subtitles, so we can learn the language on a pleasant way. So I grew up with english spoken series and movies. But now they start the voice-overs for childrens series. I don’t think it’s okay. Children don’t speak english as well as we do.

But, now here’s my problem… It’s really difficult for me to find the right words to write in english. And when I do find them I have to look up how they are written and I don’t want to do so, because it eats up a lot of time I could be spending with writing… Okay, I don’t have to look up all english words, but when I want to use difficult words I sometimes do. So forgive me for my bad grammar… 😉

I read your blogs too and I understand every single word, but when I want to write like you do I can’t find the right words. Do you follow me? Maybe I’m a little bit jealous of your writing… But, maybe when I read more, I learn more and in the end I will be able to write like you do. Only time will tell….