Learn some dutch…


Today I was driving in my little, red Toyota and these words came into my head. For those who can’t read Dutch I will translate it… ‘I’m born for hapiness.’

While these words ran through my mind I started laughing. I started laughing because when you look at the live I’ve lived untill now you would understand. I have had my share of non-hapiness a lot! But I’ve learned a lot after and during these unhappy periods. They have made me stronger and made me appreciate live more. I have also learned to send happy thoughts into the universe, because these will come back to you. When you send unhappy or negatives thoughts into the universe they also will come back to you. And what do you prefer!?

So, the lessons I’ve learned today (again) is to believe I am born for hapiness, so hapiness will come my way. When you too believe you were born for hapiness it will come your way too. If everyone will believe, this planet will be a great place to be!!!

We are born for hapiness!!! Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.